Choosing the right ring

wedding ringIn times gone by, wedding rings were made of gold. These days they don’t have to be. There are other alternatives and for some people a non-gold wedding ring may be exactly the right choice. A plethora of new materials now exists and these provide benefits that gold just can’t.
Gold has always been popular. It’s also an easy material for jewelers to work with as it’s so pliant.
Today, however, many couples favor lighter tones and you’ll often find people wearing wedding rings that appear to be more silvery than gold.
There are a few problems associated with gold, too, which you may not be aware of. Gold can damage easily. If you’re into sports or lead an active lifestyle then you may want to wear something that’s a lot tougher. Similarly, if you use swimming pools a lot, gold can become damaged by the chlorinated water.
It makes sense to see what the alternatives are:
Platinum Rings
Platinum is a far harder metal than gold. It has a very modern look and is very strong, making it a good choice if you do lots of sport. For the jeweler, however, it’s a difficult metal to work with simply because of its hardness. And for the purchaser, the downside is that platinum turns out to be more expensive than rings
Tungsten and Titanium Rings
Both these metals are suitable for people who are very active; tungsten and titanium are extremely durable. They are also far cheaper than gold and are becoming more popular. Colors vary from silvery tones through to black giving the bride and groom a lot of choice when it comes to design.
White Gold Rings
Cheaper than traditional gold, white gold is an alloy. It has a lighter and whiter appearance, but like gold is soft. It’s also much cheaper and is ideal if you’re looking for a ring that looks light but aren’t worried about how it’ll wear in tough situations. White gold isn’t suitable for chlorinated pools. Another drawback is that you’ll probably need to have the ring touched up after some time. This is because many of these rings have a veneer that thins out over time.


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