You can contact me via email at 

I can also be phoned during working hours in Thailand on

+66 8 5784 1061 or 

Whatsapp +66 8 5784 1061

(If you are dialing from Thailand, the number is 08 5784 1061)

Dimitri Waring

1 thought on “Contact”

  1. Standaard bericht:

    “We would like to get eloped on October 15 in our already booked villa (Villa Singeant near Bophut) on Samui. We would only require:
    – (dry) flower arrangement and arch / decoration piece(s) for ceremony,
    – Bride bouquet and boutonnière for groom
    – celebrant to fulfill the ceremony (non legal)
    – photographer for a couple hours / half day, including decoration for photos
    – photos for the ceremony, after, on our scooters, smoke bombs?

    We have ideas and examples of what we think it should look like / what the vibe should be. Can I send you that?

    What are the possibilities and prices?
    Thank you for your reply”

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