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What exactly is a celebrant?

C_0225Many people aren’t really sure what a celebrant is; after all, there aren’t that many of us around and it’s one of the newer professions. It was only in the 60’s that the idea of celebrants caught on. The first ones mostly operated in Australia, where they provided alternatives to church weddings or starchy, official procedures at a local registrar’s office. Celebrants today perform all kinds of ceremonies, though mostly we cater for weddings. The type of celebrations we perform might range from the entirely secular to the religious – depending on what we are comfortable with and what we believe in.

The celebration itself needs to be one that’s meaningful to the couple and which helps them seal their union. With that in mind, couples can choose to have a celebration in which readings, words from friends and family, live music and so on plays a part and draws in those who have gathered to support the bride and groom. It’s also a social, convivial time

Celebrations can take many forms in Thailand, no wedding celebrations, even those at which Buddhist monks are present, can constitute a legal marriage. For a wedding to become legal, the couple must appear before a state registrar. The registrar can come a wedding and after it’s over, can legally marry the couple in a separate procedure that takes a few minutes.SAM_3255



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