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Intimate beach wedding

The day Tommy and Sue chose for their wedding was definitely one of the hottest days of the year here in Thailand, a country known for its heat. The sky was a blue that looked both light and deep at the same time, while the sea glittered in intense sunshine.

Tommy and Sue had come all the way from Australia to celebrate 8 years together. Tommy said, “It was too complicated to get the families to come; our children all have children and it would have been too difficult to get them all here. So we just came here together. We wanted to keep things nice and simple.” This friendly and warm couple were obviously still very much in love and wanted to commemorate an on-going relationship.

It might seem strange to have a wedding with no guests, but weddings where there is just the bride and groom present can turn out to be even more intimate than ones where there are friends and family. When the time came they stepped off the hotel decking and walked down an aisle of petals on the sand.

Tommy and Sue repeated their vows after me, which they’d finalized when I’d met up with them to discuss their ceremony. I then handed each of them their ring to place on the other’s finger, and they repeated some words to commemorate the moment.

The ceremony was held a few meters away from the sea itself in a gazebo decorated with orchids. A table held their rings and a certificate which they signed before they both did a dance on the beach. Afterwards, Tommy opened a bottle of champagne. The cork flew high into the air and the couple celebrated the first minutes of their union.

The wedding was held on a completely deserted beach facing west with the day ending in one of the beautiful sunsets that this coastline is justifiably renowned for. After lots of photographs, the couple went on to have their reception dinner in the hotel.


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