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Wedding day rain

fairytale rain
There is such a fairytale element to this photograph that is quite magical.

We all wish to have perfect blue skies and sunshine on our wedding day but with all the planning in the world there is still no control over the weather. however there are those that consider it good luck for rain to fall on your union..

– We sometimes use the phrase “tying the knot” when we refer to a couple getting married and we as you probably know a wet knot is hard to untie. This symbolizes that likewise the union will be strong.

– Rain cleanses, literally washing away bad memories or incidents from our past and this day signifies a new start for the couple, free from their past and in a pure, cleansed form a chance to build a new life together.

– Rain fertilizes the land – giving rise to new crops – so in turn the belief goes a fertile marriage.

Also it can also make for some beautiful photographs, some of my favorites that I found on the internet are in this post, I’ve given credit where I could

I love how all the couples have embraced the rain and let themselves get lost in the moment.


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