Sneakers for the reception?

I make no apologies for liking the barefoot sandal style for a beach wedding. It makes sense and there are some beautiful styles out there. I think that the  high heels can be left for firmer ground, perhaps at the reception or an after party. But with all the beautiful creations out there there’s bound to be something that you like, or even if you’re feeling creative make a pair for yourself. I do make barefoot sandals myself so maybe I am a little prejudice. If you do decide to go with heels for your beach wedding opt for a wedge style, stilettos are a definite no-no as they will sink into the sand. And please let your wedding planner know – sometimes they can arrange for a wooden walk way to be laid under the sand. Here are a few of my favourite styles out there.           Natalie


And how about a pair of sneakers to dance the night away at your reception. I love this idea 

images (4)


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