Simple and Stylish Wedding Gazebos

These are some of our favourites from around the beaches of the world – 08df769cbdefc785ffad833c0b9861e4

The simplicity of this design is what really draws me, just two details on the posts – no fuss but plenty of romance


For bolder tropical colours – love oranges and greens with a hint of pink- looks great against the white of the sand.


A romantic peach and gold wedding, wonderful with the backdrop of the blue sea and skies.


This is an amazing backdrop and love the fact that they haven’t detracted from the nature around them – how could this not be spectacular?


We’re on the beach – so why not incorporate shells into the gazebo – a string of white shells across the top and the more peach coloured shells at the base of the posts.


This is a wonderfully bright gazebo – the turquoise and orange colours are a vibrant backdrop to any ceremony


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