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Should I have a morning wedding?

As wedding planners we’ve recently been asked to do more and more morning ceremonies, weddings and vow renewals, and it does appear they are rising in popularity. So what are the pros and cons? Well it all depends on what kind of wedding you want , what memories you want from the day. If you want the wow factor then an afternoon/evening wedding is more suited to you. But if you want everyone to have a great time then why not consider a morning wedding. Sure you have to get up early but lets look at some of the


That beautiful morning light

The morning light is unbeatable, photographers love it and so will you when you get to enjoy and see your surroundings whether that is the beach or the mountains throughout the whole ceremony. There’s a freshness to it, a clarity, that you won’t often see at other times of the day. You are going to get some wonderful wedding photographs of the day

Deserted beaches

For those considering a beach wedding here on Samui, although they’re never jam-packed are even quieter in the mornings, a whole beach almost to yourselves – what could be better . This is the perfect option for those looking into elopements or vow renewals.


If you are going for a wedding in hot climes, think of you and your partner. Your energies are probably going to be a lot more upbeat in the morning before it gets really hot, than at the end of a long day when you’ve spent hours in the heat.

A whole day ahead to celebrate

This is perhaps the best part of a morning wedding – I’ve seen people express concerns over no dancing if the party is in the afternoon. If you are having a destination wedding then the party can and usually does start at any time of the day. The beauty with a morning wedding is you have all day to party in whatever way you want – here on Samui that may involve a cruise to another island to have lunch there. For something more formal hotels will offer special lunch meals for your party whether just a couple or a party or just hang out at your villa, hotel and have fun by the pool or party on the beach.


You are going to have to get up early!

Photography courtesy- Weerayut Janthai


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