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2017 wedding trend predictions

There are lots of predictions on the web and in magazines about the upcoming trends for 2017 weddings. So if you are planning your 2017 wedding there’s lots of ideas to choose from.

Here are a few, and I mean just a few because there are tonnes of them, that we like and we hope may give you some ideas for your own wedding:

Color schemes: White is still a favourite with added accents of metallic colours. We particularly like metallic silver that adds a touch of glamour. It seems with some that gold is no longer in favour.

For a more rustic feel natural whites will be combined with greens.

Want a break from the white? Non-white bridal gowns – these can vary from subtle pale blues and pinks to bright splashes of colour and dark reds.

Long ribbons – the tight ribbons around the stems of the flowers in the bridal bouquet will be replaced with long ribbons.

Paper – apparently paper either in your decorations of even in your bridal bouquet will be on trend. There are so many things you can do with paper. Paper lanterns, paper parasols and paper fans to mention just a few.

Time to take the plunge – Low backs on dresses will still be highly popular but plunging necklines will also be the fashion.

First looks – This is a trend that is gaining in popularity – although it goes against tradition – we think it makes for some wonderful photographs and you can come up with some ingenious ways not to actually ‘see’ one another. If you want to do it before the ceremony some couples choose tohold hands around a door or a tree before the commencement of the actual ceremony.




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