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Getting Married in Thailand – the Paperwork

At first it might seem a little difficult to get all the papers together, but the process is quite easy and you can combine it with a city break in Bangkok. You don’t even have to do all the paperwork yourself.

If you are thinking about officially getting married in Thailand (rather than just have a wedding ceremony) the first place to start off is by looking at your embassy’s website. There is always a page dedicated to wedding procedures, clearly outlining what you’ll need to do.327b8456


You can either complete the paperwork yourself, or if you wish, I can accompany you through the procedures and the translation. I work with a small team in Bangkok, who focus on wedding formalities, and together we can take any worry out of completing the paperwork yourself.


The service I offer is as follows:-

We meet at the airport or hotel and then we head to the embassy by taxi.

Once at the embassy, you present your papers (downloaded from the internet or previously sent by me to you) and once these have been certified, we then go to the translator. Here we hand over the papers to the translator. You are then free to go back to the hotel.

Once the papers have been handed over, they will then be translated and presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You do not need to be present at the Ministry.

The papers are then posted to the district where you will be getting married. You’ll need to allow at least 2 working days for this.

The district registrar checks the papers and then comes to the wedding, where you sign the official wedding documents.

These wedding documents are all in Thai and after the ceremony will need to be translated into your language. You do not need to be present for this; it’s done in Bangkok, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs notarizing the documentation. The papers are then sent by registered post to your home.

What’s included:
All translation work, all work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all registrar’s fees, postage, taxi fares from the hotel/airport to the embassy and back to the hotel.

What’s not included:
Fees payable to your embassy.

Want to know more?
Please contact me at my email address. etcsamui@yahoo.com


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