Vow renewal and baby naming

VOW RENEWAL CEREMONY Read about one such ceremony here

A vow renewal is a celebration of your love and your marriage so basically you can have a vow renewal at any point in your marriage. Some people have a ceremony one year after marriage. Others to mark a big anniversary for example their 5th or 10th wedding anniversary. But hey there’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate 3 years of marriage.R6RZ8dLu1lG1hiSNaMWXrQ0fYQhOu8Y3Btt0GtqYDKI,fJieClZyiJrjsk1Ienc-NiI7NtICIJ87tlBBq9Ix_38

Choosing the vows to read is up to the couple. Some use their original vows and we help with some additions that they may wish to include.

Vow renewals can be shared with family and friends or can be a more intimate occasion between the couple and children.

What to wear is always a big question at this time – If you are having a ceremony on the beach then a sundress is a good option – but do not be afraid to dress up this is still a big occasion for you both so go to town – enjoy the pampering of a pre- ceremony massage, hair and make-up – treat yourselves. Carry a bouquet of flowers or have flowers in your hair. If you have a little girl how about you have coordinating outfits – let her be part of the day as well.

Ideas on how to mark this day and make it unique are numerous.

If you have children include them in your ceremony.  For young children maybe they can present a small gift of flowers to their parents. Or older children can take part in a  unity candle ceremony – uniting your family. If your children are old enough maybe they’d like to say some words of their own. 

One way to celebrate your marriage and love story would be to have a collection of photographs of the milestones in your love story and display them where your guests can view them.

Why not celebrate with a cake – not a three tier white wedding cake but something more appropriate.

There really can be no more romantic setting than a ceremony on the beach, a simple flower aisle and flower archway by the side of the sea.

For more ideas and help in coordinating your ceremony please contact us. 



A naming ceremony is a humanist,non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child, introducing the new arrival to family and friends.

Naming ceremonies can be held for a baby, for the arrival of an adopted child or the uniting of step children into a family. Name changing ceremonies may also be held for adults who have decided to change their name.

During the ceremony poems, may be read and personalized readings given.

Often a symbolic gesture is also made such as the lighting of a candle, planting of a tree etc. In addition, certificates are presented to parents and other special people as a record of the occasion.

While the naming ceremony does not have any legal or religious status they are a wonderful way to welcome your child.


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