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Wedding day Emergency Kit

wed day kitI don’t want to make it sound overly dramatic but it is always better to be prepared and it’s best if you have a wedding day emergency kit

. Maybe we should just call it a wedding day kit.


Ask one of your bridesmaids or friends to assemble the items for you in a tote bag that you can leave discreetly under a table at the reception so it will there on hand just in case. As a wedding planner I also have my own emergency kit which contains most of the items too – but as planner I am not always available when something is needed. So I would also advise the bridal party to put one together.

Things to include:

– Mini sewing kit (With small scissors best)

– Safety pinssewing kit

– Scotch tape

– Hem tape

– Smelling salts (in the heat of the tropics this is a good idea to have on hand)

– Spot remover

– Static-cling spray

– White Chalk (to cover up any smudges on your wedding dress)

– Eye drops

– Dental floss

– Clear nail varnish

– Ponytail bands – to put up your hair during reception – it can get hot

– Extra earring backs

– Tissues

– Paracetamol

There are probably other items you can wish to have on hand.

And in particular for Thailand and Samui

– Mosquito repellent

– Monkey balm – to ease the itching if bitten.

– Sun block

– After sun cream

– Band aids (you never know especially if going barefoot)

Water is also a must to keep hydrated but is usually readily available at the venue you have chosen as well as cool towels to help your guests beat the

Of course we hope every wedding is mishap free.





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