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Cruise ship interlude

What a way to get married!... today’s couple had flown down to Singapore, where they embarked on a cruise ship that took them up the coast of Malaysia, heading towards Bangkok. The ship stopped for the day at Samui and they were brought from the port to the resort where they’d booked their wedding. It… Continue reading Cruise ship interlude

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Beautiful Beach Wedding

A beautiful hotel by the sea was the venue for this weekend wedding, It featured a sand ceremony, whereby the couple poured individual glasses of sand into a third glass, as a symbol of their unity. ...Today you join your separate lives together. The two separate bottles of sand symbolize your separate lives, separate families… Continue reading Beautiful Beach Wedding

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Island View Wedding

Tom and Jess met 8 years ago and had come to Thailand during their round-the-world trip to get married. They arrived from Cambodia, and moved into the quietly luxurious villa they’d hired for the occasion.                 “We’re especially happy to be here because it looks out towards Koh Pha-ngan,” said Tom. Indeed, it was a… Continue reading Island View Wedding

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Beautiful wedding in secluded northern bay

Warm sunny weather all day long. A gently shelving beach. A blue sea beyond. These were the ingredients for Peggy and Kevin’s wedding in the north of Koh Samui. The bay here is very secluded with just one resort here, the luxury Tongsai Bay.  Over the years, I’ve conducted about ten weddings here and it’s… Continue reading Beautiful wedding in secluded northern bay

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Villa weddings

Many couples are finding that staying in a private villa and/or getting married there is every bit as good an alternative to a hotel. Staying in a villa can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel; it’s more intimate; there’s no crush of people by the pool. You can take time out to… Continue reading Villa weddings

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Wedding day Emergency Kit

I don't want to make it sound overly dramatic but it is always better to be prepared and it's best if you have a wedding day emergency kit . Maybe we should just call it a wedding day kit.   Ask one of your bridesmaids or friends to assemble the items for you in a… Continue reading Wedding day Emergency Kit