Personalized vow writing service

We are now offering a personalized vow writing service. We will write the perfect words to make your day even more wonderful. Check out the service here


Should we have a morning wedding?

As wedding planners we've recently been asked to do more and more morning ceremonies, weddings and vow renewals, and it does appear they are rising in popularity. So what are the pros and cons? Well it all depends on what kind of wedding you want , what memories you want from the day. If you… Continue reading Should we have a morning wedding?

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Keeping your guests cool at a beach wedding

As wonderful as a beach wedding in a tropical location is not everyone will be used to the heat and you will need to factor this in when planning your wedding. It needn't be anything expensive or elaborate that you need to include. Here are some simple ways to keep your guests cool. *Hand them… Continue reading Keeping your guests cool at a beach wedding


Getting Married in Thailand on a shoestring

Many couples mistakenly think that getting married abroad is going to be incredibly expensive. They think of the airfare costs, the hotel and then all the other unexpected items – isn’t it all going to be astronomical? The truth is the opposite. Getting married in Thailand usually works out cheaper than it would in the… Continue reading Getting Married in Thailand on a shoestring

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Beautiful Elopements

Eloping can be fun, beautiful and special. Eloping can mean just the couple at the ceremony or they may decide to celebrate with a couple of friends or family members. However in contrast to traditional weddings they are often more intimate and smaller occasions but that doesn’t lessen their beauty or meaning. Destination elopements can… Continue reading Beautiful Elopements