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Keeping your guests cool at a beach wedding

G&A 12.02.2016 (35)As wonderful as a beach wedding in a tropical location is not everyone will be used to the heat and you will need to factor this in when planning your wedding. It needn’t be anything expensive or elaborate that you need to include. Here are some simple ways to keep your guests cool.

*Hand them a refreshing fruit cocktail before the start of the ceremony to cool them down –stay away from the alcohol at this point which will just dehydrate them.

*For extra hydration you can have small bottles of water with a label unique to yourselves as a couple that the guests may take at their leisure.

*Fans at a tropical wedding are always welcome –placed on the seat of every guest.

*We love local paper parasols that are great at keeping the glare off your guests and a colorful addition to your wedding as well as being not particularly expensive.

Wedding Celebrant Samui Thailand*Or perhaps you’d rather go with a pair of sunglasses for your guests so they are not squinting through your vows.

For yourself and your wedding party have a small emergency kit prepared which should include smelling salts (just in case).

For your wedding party – bridesmaids and groomsmen – have a kit of towels refreshing wipes and drinks available for after the ceremony.


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