Recent Weddings

Rocky and Jenny’s beach wedding

Koh Samui is no stranger when it comes to hosting same-sex weddings, and is a perfect venue for them, not just because of the climate but the attitudes of the Thais themselves – this is a culture which traditionally accepts people for who they are. Rocky and Jenny were very happy to come here for their wedding; they had been here before and loved the feel of the island and the warmth of its people.

The ceremony itself was filled with love and energy. Some 25 guests had come from the US, Australia and especially from Saudi Arabia, where Rocky and Jenny used to work.

Firstly, a torch bearer set out across the sand, walking from the chalet to the ceremony area. I was the second to walk, and then came family and friends. Finally, the two brides, Rocky and Jenny, who walked along hand in hand.

In Saudi Arabia, they had lived together in a close-knit professional community and two of their closest friends there, who they looked on as their parents in that community, read from the bible – 1 Corinthians 13, a favorite for many weddings – and then congratulated them, before giving Jenny a rosary.

Rocky and Jenny then exchanged their vows and rings in a simple ceremony that we had discussed beforehand. It was very moving, and filled with light and love.

After signing a wedding certificate, Rocky and Jenny gathered their friends around them for champagne, and then photographs.

It was a beautiful and memorable time, filled with the gold light of a late afternoon, on the island’s west coast.


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