Recent Weddings

Blue sky beach wedding

Calm waters. Soft blue sky. A gossamer white gazebo. These were the essential ingredients for Onur and Natasha’s wedding in the south of Chaweng. The setting is one of the last places in the bay where it’s possible to have a wedding– just a few hundred meters further south, the sands give way to a series of dramatic rocky headlands.
When we discussed their wedding, Natasha said that she wanted something slightly formal: “Everything’s been so informal up to now, so we want something a bit more serious to mark the occasion.” And holding up the ceremony run-through we were going to use, Onur said with glee, “Now that I’ve read this through, this is the first time that everything seems real – I’m going to be married!”
And now the time had come… Natasha walked down an aisle of yellow petals to meet her soon-to-be husband, gave her bouquet to her bridesmaids and then lovingly took his hands in hers, and the ceremony began.
The couple, from Australia, had traveled out to Koh Samui to celebrate in style, bringing with them their families and friends – over 50 guests in all.
Now they exchanged the vows they had especially written for the occasion before two children brought them their rings to give to each other.
Once I had pronounced them man and wife, they came and signed a keep-sake certificate, with two friends as witnesses. Their guests stood around them and all you could here was the clicking of cameras and people congratulating them. Everyone threw petals afterwards and Natasha and Onur went off to have photographs before the reception began.

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