Villa Wedding Planning

Villa Weddings  

Many couples are finding that staying in a private villa and/or getting married there is every bit as good an alternative to a hotel.
Staying in a villa can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel; it’s more intimate; there’s no crush of people by the pool. You can take time out to be by yourselves, or with friends and family – there are no strangers popping up.
And the amenities are every bit as good. Depending on what you opt for, you can have a chef cook for you, a nanny look after your children, a spa service to come and give you massages.
SAM_3251You don’t need to stay in a villa for your entire holiday; you can also just hire a villa for a day and a night, moving all your guests there for the celebrations and reception.
Getting married in a villa provides you with the most amazing flexibility, with the celebration being a very relaxed event with all the music, food and after-reception events being exclusive to you and your guests.
Villas in Thailand are beautifully designed, with dispersed buildings – each bedroom, for example, may be separately housed – and with French windows everywhere, allowing light and sea breezes to come into the dwelling. The villas all have their own staff, who are extremely professional and will be extremely welcoming and attentive. They’ll ensure that your stay is a delight, and will be on hand whenever you need them.
Your wedding will be held on the villa’s lawn or right on the sands. Many villas are built so that the beach is a step away. Gardens are lush with tropical vegetation; settings are secluded, ensuring that your stay is private – part of the charm of a villa wedding is the sheer feeling of being away from any crowds and being able to celebrate the deliciousness of being together with just the people you’ve invited along.
For years I have been celebrant in some of the most beautiful of the islands’ villas and know which ones are ideal for weddings. I am in contact with their management teams, and can arrange your accommodation and/or your wedding in a wonderful villa setting.

With our wedding planning service everything is taken care of. From the smallest of details that will add that special touch up to the decoration of the villa for the ceremony and the reception, photography and videography. We welcome any ideas you have or requests and we can help with some of our own ideas. 

We work with many suppliers on the island so can find you the best quality service at reasonable prices.
If you are interested to know more please contact us at etcsamui [at] yahoo.com


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