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Beach wedding, Koh Samui

It’s possible to book an entire resort for a wedding. This is what today’s couple did; with just under 30 guests, they were able to book most of a small resort on Samui’s north coast. The wedding took place towards the end of a long, hot sunny afternoon. Most of the guests were Norwegian and while back home in Norway it was already cold and autumnal, here they were under a hot, hot summer  sun. On the day of the wedding, the resort built an arch for them and I performed the ceremony in the late afternoon. They are a lovely and warm couple; I’d met them some days beforehand. They speak quite good English and repeated the vows after me and exchanged rings, which their family presented to them.  They walked back up the aisle and celebrated with champagne. The bride said how happy they both were to have had such a wonderful ceremony.


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