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February Forevers

February has been a really busy month – so haven’t had chance to write any posts. But it’s been a great month, with many couples choosing to come to this beautiful spot to say their vows or renew their vows, whether they come with many friends and family or just by themselves all the occasions have been very special and heartwarming. My services in German and French seem to be much appreciated by the couples who request such and for those who have a multi-lingual guest party they are extremely happy that everyone will understand the words of the ceremony.

Simple gazebos with flower decoration were much in favour along with more pastel colours, from the very elaborate with full top flower decoration to the simpler curtain and bamboo.

More couples are now waiting until they come to Thailand to make their marriage legal which means the presence of the Thai Amphur, Registrar and the presentation of a very ornate official Thai wedding certificate. The design of the wedding certificate is worthy of a post in itself and I might do that one of these days. We also offer a legal marriage service which you can read about here.

Another trend is that I have been contacted for more weddings in Koh Tao – so if you plan to go there and are worried about finding a celebrant especially one who can speak German or French then just get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I’ve just included a few of the set ups I’ve seen, the ones that really stood out, but I hope they can give you a little bit of inspiration as to how you would like the setting of your dream day to look like.




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