I’m very used to dealing with requests by email but once the initial introductions and enquiries have been made, a great way to continue the contact is via Skype. Since most couples come from outside Thailand – very often from the opposite side of the world – phone calls can be expensive. Skype, of course, is free. And you also get to see everyone’s face.
I’ve added Skype as an option, once initial contact has been made. Calls can be lots of fun and are obviously a lot more personal than emails. We can also cover a lot of ground that would normally require a half dozen emails.
If you’d like me to be celebrant at your wedding in Thailand, or would like me to plan your wedding, please drop me a quick line at etcsamui [at] yahoo.com. You can also use the email contact form. Once the initial contact has been made, we can easily arrange a chat on Skype if you wish.

Skype address: dimitri.waring1


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