Koh Samui beach scenery

Thailand has some of the best scenery in the region, and along with it there are excellently placed resorts and hotels – no doubt a main reason why the country ranks as a top holiday destination spot.

Some of my clients are asking me to suggest locations for them and thanks to living on Koh Samui since 2002, I’m aware of which beaches and areas are the best. The location, however, also depends a lot on what you, the couple, want. It’s best if you think what’s important to you; what would make your wedding the dream that it’s supposed to be. Here are some ideas for evaluating where you’d like to be married.
• What kind of beach do you want? On Koh Samui there are sandy beaches, rocky ones, mixes of both, long bays and smaller coves.
• How deserted do you want the beach to be? As a rule, deserted beaches may have fewer amenities.
• Would you prefer to be away altogether from the beach? If so, there are beautiful jungle and mountain locations that will entice you.
• Would you like to get married on a much smaller island? If so, then maybe Koh Tao is for you – it’s compact, has a simpler lifestyle, but is every bit as beautiful as Koh Samui, but without so many roads.
• If you are getting married in a resort, check that it has all the facilities you need and is in the area where you want to be located in. if you’re looking for a vibrant party scene, then Chaweng is for you, and if you’d like somewhere quieter, then try the west coast.
• You may want to get married in a villa setting. You don’t need to stay in one to get married in one, by the way. Please see xxx for further info.
If you’re familiar with Koh Samui then it’s probably still not going to be easy to make a choice. If you need help in planning your wedding, then please contact me.

Contact me at: etcsamui [at] yahoo.com


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