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A rustic Wedding… by the Sea


SAM_3325Being a celebrant is something I always enjoy. I meet very different kinds of people, yet each couple is keyed into their dreams; their decision to share their lives together and celebrate that decision. It’s a big moment when they finally say their vows to each other – and to their friends and family. My job is to make these moments as special as possible and as memorable, too. Even if there were no photographer present, I really want each couple and their guests to be able to look back at this short ceremony and still feel moved by it, years and years later.
Milan and Lucia made that so easy for me. Even though they are based in Slovakia, we did everything via email, and I got a really good feel for what they wanted – and was very happy to finally see them on their big day.

close up babyThe wedding was a wonderful occasion, with a focus on not just the couple but also their little son who stood with them at the beginning of the ceremony and their friends and family who’d come with them from Europe – everyone stood around them as they were married in a short, simple and meaningful ceremony.

After exchanging vows and their rings, they opened a bottle of champagne and had a toast right on the beach. Then Milan and his new bride, Lucia, walked back up an aisle of petals to the simple elegance of an outside table, set under the greenest of foliage. The reception dinner was held in a garden setting, next to the couple’s villa. It had rained earlier in the day and now every plant and tree seemed the lusher for it. It was a countryside wedding – but right by the sea.

The resort they were married at is The Passage Samui, a beautiful find and a great venue for weddings. It’s tucked away behind a hill; a road meanders down to the sea and the resort itself. It’s large and open and is set on an isolated beach. For Milan and Lucia, the secluded feel helped them experience even more joy at having their loved ones surround them at this very meaningful time.SAM_3328



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