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Wedding with bird’s-eye views

Pam & Matt 2014-07-07: Pam & Matt decided to get married in the vertiginous Villa Tassana Pra – it’s an old-style villa that commands a shoulder of land overlooking the bay of Bangrak; from the gardens you can look out over most of the north coast, as well as watch planes coming into land (they’re… Continue reading Wedding with bird’s-eye views

Recent Weddings

A rustic Wedding… by the Sea

  Being a celebrant is something I always enjoy. I meet very different kinds of people, yet each couple is keyed into their dreams; their decision to share their lives together and celebrate that decision. It’s a big moment when they finally say their vows to each other – and to their friends and family.… Continue reading A rustic Wedding… by the Sea

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The role of gratitude in a wedding ceremony

When you're thinking of your wedding ceremony, it’s totally easy and forgivable to get caught up in the sense of togetherness that should hallmark the occasion. A wedding really is about the couple and necessarily so. But there’s more involved here than just romance and commitment. A whole lot more. Parents, relatives and friends, for… Continue reading The role of gratitude in a wedding ceremony