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Wedding with bird’s-eye views

Pam & Matt 2014-07-07:

SAM_3564Pam & Matt decided to get married in the vertiginous Villa Tassana Pra – it’s an old-style villa that commands a shoulder of land overlooking the bay of Bangrak; from the gardens you can look out over most of the north coast, as well as watch planes coming into land (they’re actually below you as they fly by).

The couple celebrated with just seven friends and family, who’d all come from the States to be with them. As Pam and Matt got ready for the ceremony, each of their guests had selected some favorite music to play – the result was very eclectic with pieces ranging from opera to late 90s music.SAM_3559

Matt and his guests made their way when the time came to the garden, and the flower arch, which was right by the swimming pool. “Shall we all jump in?” asked one of the guests, not unreasonably; it was certainly warm enough and the pool looked pretty inviting. Pam came down the steps of the villa looking radiant and very happy. The music faded and the ceremony began…

Pam and Matt wanted to have a reading about journeys and travel as part of their ceremony, as they are both avid travelers. “We nearly always have our next trip worked out,” said Matt, even if it’s just a weekend break. Travel is very important to us, even if we’re not going far.” All sorts of writers have, of course, penned something about travel, but relatively few have written much about the being husband and wife and traveling. We couldn’t find anything we really liked. Finally I went ahead and wrote something myself to include in the ceremony. I hoped it would be fitting, even if it was a little long.

The ceremony was simple and beautiful, exactly the way Pam and Matt had in mind. They exchanged their vows and rings as the afternoon turned golden. After I had pronounced them man and wife they had a photography session in the garden then their reception began. Being in a private villa gave them utter seclusion – as well as the great views.


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