Wedding planning service

Wedding planning: we believe in a different perspective

Discover just what Koh Samui can offer when it comes to weddings. We’re very fortunate to be on the island as there’s such a wonderful spectrum of wedding services here.

We’re happy to offer wedding planning since we can draw on the talents of so many dedicated suppliers; these are all people we know and trust.

We have considerable experience with weddings. For the first nine years in our business, we stayed much on the sidelines of weddings, learning what worked and what could be improved. We worked then as wedding celebrants (and still do) and observed some 200 weddings this way. This was a great apprenticeship and we’ve now been planning weddings ourselves for seven years.

We take pride in our work and are definitely not into assembly-line style weddings. For us we prefer to have a smaller amount of quality weddings through the year that we can focus on. Each wedding takes an inordinate amount of time to plan and oversee. Similarly, we don’t accept all clients who come our way if we feel we aren’t a good match or if between us we do not have the minimum language skills needed, although this isn’t usually a problem. (By the way, we speak French, German and Japanese, and have some knowledge of Spanish.)

We have been living on Koh Samui since 2002 and have an excellent knowledge of the best island suppliers across the wedding industry. These days, thanks to the suppliers there’s very little when it comes to wishes and needs that can’t be catered for.

We only plan weddings on Koh Samui and nowhere else (although as wedding celebrants we’re able to travel all over Thailand and to neighbouring countries). We don’t take on weddings that aren’t based on Samui simply because we cannot vouch for suppliers elsewhere. We prefer to work with people that we’re well-acquainted with on an on-going basis and with whom we haven’t fallen out of touch. This means that we’re able to guarantee the quality of all our suppliers’ services.

We regularly check in with hotels, resorts and restaurants on the island, since we write about them for the media; this keeps us up-to-date when it comes to where to find the current best deals and places. We can not only recommend where to stay but where to hold a party or to get a superb cocktail.

We believe in fair price. At the same time we’re able to work within your budget and help you save money across the board.

Planning your dream day is what we’re about, so please contact us if you are looking to hold your wedding here on Koh Samui.



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