Personalized and stylish: weddings that work

Thousands of weddings will take place today. Thousands more tomorrow. Most weddings will be great occasions, but very few will really stand out as being wonderful.

What’s the difference between most weddings and the select few that are truly wonderful? That’s a question many people ask and having been a wedding celebrant for over seven years, I realize that there are ways to guarantee that a wedding isn’t just good, but brilliant.

I’ve performed over a hundred weddings, and have helped clients turn the event into life experiences that they will always look back on as being truly different. I also know only too well that plenty of couples work incredibly hard on planning their wedding only for the event to end up as being a very nice day, but lacking much in the way of verve.

By living on Koh Samui for over 10 years and through my work in both the hospitality industry and the weddings industry I’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of the resorts, the beaches, the settings as well as florists, chefs, photographers and suppliers – every aspect needed for staging great weddings. I have broadened out from being a celebrant to planning weddings because I believe that they can be truly amazing and will become wonderful memories that will always stand out in the couple’s minds.C_0269

I have seen many weddings that are truly remarkable. They certainly don’t need to cost a fortune. What they do need is thought and creativity, excellent local knowledge and, rather than packaged solutions, individualization – so that they truly match the needs and desires of each couple. I would love to help you plan such a wedding for you and your partner.

If you’d like to have a wedding on a beautiful tropical island and have memories of a very special time, you should 12. Wedding at Zazencontact me to find out exactly what I can offer you.

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