Getting married in Thailand on a shoestring

Many couples mistakenly think that getting married abroad is going to be incredibly expensive. They think of the airfare costs, the hotel and then all the other unexpected items – isn’t it all going to be astronomical?
The truth is the opposite. Getting married in Thailand usually works out cheaper than it would in the west. Especially if you’re savvy and budget a little.
The lower prices are one of the reasons why so many couples now opt for a wedding in the tropics. Add to this the exotic backdrops and the fact that you’re combining a wedding with a holiday of a lifetime, and you can see why Thailand is such a popular destination. For everyone concerned it’s a lot more fun than getting married in your local community.
But if you’re worried about costs, there are ways to shrink them and have an amazing wedding and holiday. Here are a few tips how to get the most for your money:

Choose a wedding date that’s off-season

On Koh Samui, for example, the sun is guaranteed virtually all year round. The only time when it’s really inadvisable to come is November and perhaps a couple of weeks before and after. The reason? It’s the rainy season and deluges are common. Apart from November, Koh Samui is pleasant for all the other months. Round Easter tends to be the hottest and sunniest time of the year.

If you come during high season then you’ll find yourself paying maximum prices for hotel rooms as well as for airfares. To save substantially, check out prices for the other months and pick a time when they’re cheaper.

G&A 12.02.2016 (8)Reduce the number of wedding guests
The fewer the number of guests, the easier it becomes to manage a wedding. Even with the services of the best wedding planners, this still holds good. A small wedding party entails fewer expenses and is more intimate. Everything from invitations to catering becomes cheaper and easier.
I’ve married quite a few couples who’ve come to Thailand without any guests at all. In each case they’ve explained to their families and friends what they’re doing and have received their blessing. Often they may hold a party or get-together when they go back home.
These elopements are usually the most romantic of all the ceremonies that we do since the words and vows can be very personal. Just the two of you against the backdrop of a stunning tropical beach.

Beach wedding think beach wedding dress

If you are thinking of having a beach wedding you are probably not the type who is going to big on ruffles and flounces on your dress. There are some stunning wedding dresses out there that do not cost the earth. Remember that you will be standing in the very hot sun you want to look effortlessly elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Many brides are choosing to have a barefoot wedding – wearing lovely barefoot sandals and they are a lot more inexpensive than a pair of shoes and can also be saved as a lovely keepsake. 

Cut down on wedding gifts
Tell your guests that you’d rather they spent the money they’d normally spend on gifts on their own airfares. Let them know their presence will be a gift in itself. This will also save you money.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount
Hardly a day goes by in any of Thailand’s destinations such as Koh Samui or Phuket without a wedding somewhere or other. Hotels and resorts are very used to catering for weddings and competition is strong. If you’re bringing a large group of people with you, then you should be able to secure a largish discount. Especially if you’re coming at an off-peak time.
You can naturally ask for services that have nothing directly to do with money – try asking for a room upgrade or some other benefit such as free airport pick-ups or a spa session. The hotel won’t be offended, by the way.

Other ways to minimize expenses
Beach weddings tend to be very relaxed affairs and clothing is far more casual than it would be in a more traditional setting. You can also ask for one of the local tailors to make you a wedding dress and a lightweight suit, for example.
Wedding cakes aren’t de rigueur in Thailand. It can be so hot that most guests won’t really be tempted by cake. By all means have one, but you don’t need to have a three-tiered monstrosity. You and your guests will be enjoying the setting and won’t be thinking overmuch of traditional cakes.

Think about renting a villa

Think about renting a villa instead of staying in a hotel – there are lots of villas that can be rented for 1 or 2 weeks and they may work out cheaper if you and your guests all club together. You can then choose the wedding planner and packages they have on offer and the location of your ceremony. 

Fix your budget

Once you’ve opted for a wedding in Thailand, try to fix a budget and not exceed it. The fact you’re getting married on a tropical island will enable you to have a holiday that can be relatively inexpensive. After all, if you’re spending days on the beach or around the swimming pool, then you’ll not be over-temped to break your budget. Life can be very simple in Thailand – and inexpensive.

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