Getting married in Thailand? Why you should have a wedding budget

It’s very important to have a budget for your wedding because it’s so easy just to let yourself go and over-spend. And once that happens, a wedding can soon become a lot more worrying than it ever needs to be. If you can establish a budget and stick to it, then you’ll feel a lot, lot happier on the day.
If you’re getting married back at home, it’ll take a few days to work out just how expensive the wedding will be. As you get various quotes for each aspect of the wedding, you’ll soon see what you can afford.
But what if you’re planning on getting married thousands of miles away in Thailand? Naturally, you may have little idea of how much everything costs. That’s why hotels and resorts offer packages that are all-inclusive.

As you compare the various packages, you’ll see what you will be getting for your money.
Something that you’ll realize is that with an outdoor wedding with a beautiful backdrop, flowers won’t play quite such a big part as they would if you were staging your ceremony indoors.
Wedding dresses tend to be a lot simpler and hence less expensive, too. With most weddings taking place right on the beach, both the bride and groom will wear more casual clothing than they would back at home. The same goes for the guests, too.
But you’ll also have to take into account the price of getting out here. You’ll probably be flying for the best part of a day to reach Thailand and that’s going to be one of the biggest expenses.

So, it’s crucial beforehand to sit down with all the parties concerned and set a budget. Everyone should be comfortable with the idea that you’re getting married on a tropical island rather than just round the corner. It’s best to have a frank and open discussion upfront so that everyone can say how they feel about this.

The choice of hotel will also be determined by the budget. On Koh Samui there are all kinds of accommodation from the simple to the very sophisticated. You’ll need to make sure your guests are happy with your choice of hotel.
Often you’ll find wedding parties are accommodated in several hotels. It’s a good idea to offer your friends and family different options with a range of prices. Alternatively, it’s possible to rent a villa or even several villas. This is another way of keeping the price down.
The wedding certainly doesn’t have to take place in the hotel where the bride and groom are staying. Some parties opt to have their wedding in a completely different hotel.
It may sound difficult to set a budget for expenses that will occur in an unknown country, but by using a wedding planner and asking plenty of questions, it’s quite possible to arrive at very realistic figures for your dream day, leaving you able to feel relaxed and knowing that you’re not spending above your means.

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