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Beautiful wedding in secluded northern bay

Warm sunny weather all day long. A gently shelving beach. A blue sea beyond. These were the ingredients for Peggy and Kevin’s wedding in the north of Koh Samui. The bay here is very secluded with just one resort here, the luxury Tongsai Bay.

 Over the years, I’ve conducted about ten weddings here and it’s a place that manages to create an admirable mix of seaside and countryside: the gardens start right as you enter the property and continue right down into the beach setting.

There’s a restaurant right at the water’s edge, where receptions are normally held.

 The Tongsai Bay was one of the island’s first luxury resorts. The owner used to sleep on the beach before he started building the hotel and has always kept things as simple and as natural as possible; a plethora of animals and birds make their homes in the gardens, encouraged by the staff. All kinds of tropical trees and shrubs are grown here, giving the entire resort a very lush look.

 Peggy and Kevin arrived several days beforehand and we met up to discuss their ceremony. Since they are from Australia, we had had contact via email and worked on the ceremony from a distance. The couple, the photographer, videographer and I all met up at the resort to finalize the process.

The wedding went very smoothly and was quite emotional as the couple exchanged their vows and then their rings. They signed a certificate before walking back up the beach to the applause and congratulations of their friends and family.



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