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Island View Wedding

20140303_142019Tom and Jess met 8 years ago and had come to Thailand during their round-the-world trip to get married. They arrived from Cambodia, and moved into the quietly luxurious villa they’d hired for the occasion.

                “We’re especially happy to be here because it looks out towards Koh Pha-ngan,” said Tom. Indeed, it was a great view: beyond the fringe of palms that fronted the beach, there was a wide stretch of sea, and clearly visible, Koh Pha-ngan itself. An impressive backdrop for the wedding photos.

                Jess said it was more than just a great view. “Koh Pha-ngan is where Tom and I met,” she said. “That’s where it all started, so it’s fitting we can see it –it’s definitely part of our past.”

                They’d thought to get married in England, but were put off by the cost of it. They explained that some of their friends’ weddings cost some 40,000 Dollars. “A huge amount, for just one day,” said Tom. “We realized that for the same amount, we could afford to travel round the world, if we were really careful – and still get married.”20140426_185154(1)

So that’s exactly what they did before going ahead with a simple wedding, with guests being Tom’s brother, and Jess’ parents, who’d made the journey from South Africa. Standing on the villa’s deck, they exchanged vows and rings and read out some words they’d written for each other, expressing their happiness at being together.


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