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2017 wedding trend predictions

There are lots of predictions on the web and in magazines about the upcoming trends for 2017 weddings. So if you are planning your 2017 wedding there’s lots of ideas to choose from. Here are a few, and I mean just a few because there are tonnes of them, that we like and we hope… Continue reading 2017 wedding trend predictions

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Ten Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

Thinking of having a destination wedding but haven't yet quite decided. Maybe we can convince you with our top ten reasons to have a destination wedding.   1- The world is your playground – you can choose anywhere to hold your ceremony, from a mountain top to a pristine tropical beach. 2- An intimate guest… Continue reading Ten Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

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Should I have a morning wedding?

As wedding planners we've recently been asked to do more and more morning ceremonies, weddings and vow renewals, and it does appear they are rising in popularity. So what are the pros and cons? Well it all depends on what kind of wedding you want , what memories you want from the day. If you… Continue reading Should I have a morning wedding?

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Bridal Headbands

We love headbands for weddings - For a beach wedding there are a variety of styles you can go with. The floral headband- By far this is my personal favourite, with real flowers that can be co-ordinated to match your bouquet but not too overwhelming this is a great style for the casual and romantic… Continue reading Bridal Headbands

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Small Family Wedding

Up on Samui’s north-east coast, there’s a beautiful bay that is the venue for quite a few weddings. Today’s couple exchanged vows and rings here, before going off to have their reception. There were just a half dozen family members present, but they all enjoyed themselves. This was one of an increasing number of weddings… Continue reading Small Family Wedding

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Beach wedding, Koh Samui

It’s possible to book an entire resort for a wedding. This is what today’s couple did; with just under 30 guests, they were able to book most of a small resort on Samui’s north coast. The wedding took place towards the end of a long, hot sunny afternoon. Most of the guests were Norwegian and while… Continue reading Beach wedding, Koh Samui